i'm the operator with my pocket calculator

so i went through the application process at “todays staffing” today… i did really well – on my tests i got a 100% on them all except alphabetical organizing (some of those were confusing! ^^;;;), and i made 1 mistake when i did the data entry. good news though is even though i made that one mistake (one more mistake than i made at manpower ~_^) i managed to increase my characters / hour from 6400 to a whopping 9400… and anything over 5000 is considered good! ^_^

so now i’m all set up there, too. they said “we also offer computer training classes… you obviously don’t need them!”, and they also said that all the temp agencies went through a slump the past few weeks, but they’re starting to get lots of jobs in now. they also mentioned that the average job pays $12-$15 / hour – zowie! ^___^