i'm just a lawnmower, you can tell me by the way i walk…

the lawn is now mowed. yay!

today mom and anne and i went to barnes & noble to get books for kelly and anne’s summer reading projects. and since i was there too mom let me pick out a book for myself, so i found the book of honor: the secret lives and deaths of cia operatives. it’s based on an actual book and wall inside the cia where they have names and dates of people who worked for the cia who died in the line of duty. some of the people don’t even have names, but instead they have an asterisk for their name, because whatever they did is so classified that even 50 years later their tasks are so sensitive, and their families don’t know how these people really died. so this guy went and researched through all different places and found out who some of the people were and what they did and he put down what they did in this here book.

here’s something i bet you didn’t know – the cia was a spinoff of the oss (the office of strategic services) which was run by william “wild bill” donovan during world war ii. “wild bill” recruited mostly upper-class ivy-league people who were looking for adventure to work as spies and agents. julia child – the famous cook – was one of those spies/agents.