i rule.

big storm around here today ^^; all thunder and lightning and wind and rain… @_@

susan came by and we watched “american beauty” – good movie ^_^ she was astonished last night to hear that i hadn’t seen it before:

me: i never saw that movie ^^;;

susan: OH MY GOD

susan: !!!

susan: that's it

susan: that's what we're doing tomorrow

susan: its incredible

so she brought it over and we watched it. ^_^ neato movie. ^^

and dan and peter (!!! – haven’t seen him since school got out) are coming over tonight to see “the pirate movie”! ^_^

and on sunday i’ll be working with stu at the annapolis treasure company for same wages – so 7 hours at $7 / hour = not too shabby for a day’s work ^^

and now i have to take a quick shower before dan and pete get here… ^^;;

arr, mateys! arr! ^_^