"i never worked a day in my life – i just laid back and let the big beat lead me…"

started cleaning my room today… now there’s more room on my floor, but no room on my bed… ^^;;; something makes me think i’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight… ~_^

went and tried driving the saturn today – dad and kelly say that for my first time, i did very well with a stickshift ^_^ kelly even thinks i picked it up faster than she did ^^

and we went to blockbuster and picked up a ton of videos. we even got “the pirate movie”! ^__^ arr!

and since kelly liked how i drove, she got me some lemonheads! ^_^

and because of my mint chocolate icecream psychic link that evilyn and myself have, i had us get some more mint chocolate ice cream to replenish our supply! ^_^

and it looks like i just might survive running etr while megs is out… ~_^