i got presents! ^__^

kelly, mom, and i went off to modell’s this morning to get dad his father’s day present (coudn’t get it last night – kelly had to babysit), so now he’s got a new baseball glove! kelly recently got herself a new baseball glove and he got all jealous, so we got him a matching glove, ‘cept his is a left-handed glove since he’s a lefty and kelly’s a righty.

went to my grandfather’s place in leisure world (i always think that “leisure world” sounds like an amusement park) for a father’s day barbecue. grandmother and grandaddy stopped by (they live in leisure world too) for a little bit on their way to my aunt ‘n uncle’s house.

so it was my family, one uncle, three aunts, five cousins, and pap-pap there.

my aunt and uncle gave me their old mac ‘cos it hadn’t been working properly and most of the time it didn’t want to start up at all, so they figured i could try to fix it for myself if i wanted, or at least cannibalize it for parts. so i got a free computer! ^_^

they also gave me as a graduation present (even though i graduated last year – this took a LONG time to finish) this really really nice looking quilt that my aunt designed and made. it would have taken even longer, but she met this one lady who does quilts for a living who helped her out some. so i got this really really nice qult too! ^_^ my mom and my other aunts said that it probably costs a few hundred dollars or so, it’s so big and nice-looking. so i’m a little worried about using it… ^^;;

so now i’m going downstairs to see if i can get this old comp to work. if not, then i’ve got an extra monitor to add to my computer! ^_^