"hey now, hey now, hear what i say now…"

i think someone made a remake of “the pirate movie” but with the same characters and actors, but somehow this version came out stupider than the one i saw years ago. and this one had more ’80s music, too. gyaa!! *jumps up and down on ’80s music* ^^;;;

then we saw “batman” last night since dan insisted that i had to see it sometime, and during the movie i remembered that i had seen it years ago, but i only remembered seeing a few scenes. so it was good seeing it again. ^^

and tomorrow i should be working with stu. woo!

and since today is saturday, that means it’s been one week since meaghan left for the beach, and one week until she gets back! ^___^ i wonder if she’ll remember to send me a postcard? ^^;; and i also noticed this morning that evilyn broke up my monopoly on having “meaghan” as a livejournal interest… ~_^

now, to clean my room! i had to sleep on the couch again since my bed is all covered up with junk miscellaneous objects… while sleeping upstairs isn’t bad, it’s a lot brighter than my room, and a lot noisier what with the dishwasher in the next room and when everybody gets up and starts banging and thumping around, and it gets hot. and i like my bed better. ^_^