good job vibes incoming!

had a weird dream last night… i dreamt that i was going back to my high school to visit it, and these girls for no apparent reason jumped me and grabbed me and wouldn’t let me back up, and then they carried me inside and tossed me in this little narrow room where all these hamster cages were, and then this guy showed up and said that he was going to take me on a tour of his school, and he said that it really wasn’t my old high school (even though it looked that way from the front, the inside was all new and shiny and different), but it’s rather his school and he was meaghan’s brother (even though he looked exactly like one of my cousins, and meaghan doesn’t have a brother), and that meaghan went to this school too.

so he takes me around and around and shows me the school, and he says that meaghan works here now as a secretary and i saw her as we went by one section and she looked like her chibi livejournal icon… i don’t remember if she was chibi or not, but she was wearing the same blue and orange clothes as she does in the icon. i also saw this one lady that worked with my youth group there too.

and so this “brother” of meaghan’s takes me out this door that would normally go out the back of the school, and we end up standing on this balcony of a condo at ocean city, and we’re 20 floors up. and from that height and about 50 yards from the beach waves were hitting us full-force, and the waves would really tug on the balcony when they washed back, and they were almost sucking people off the balcony. so then we decided to finish our tour of the school, and we went inside, and then i woke up. ^^;

so this morning i went job-hunting, because i think that the good job vibes that meaghan sent to me are finally starting to arrive… *thinks* “567 miles and 16 days… that makes…” this means that the speed of good-job-vibes are about 1.5 miles / hour! new scientific breakthrough!

today i went off to koons ford to see about doing the carwashing or whatever they want me to do, and the guy says for me to fill out an application, and they might have something open, but he’s not entirely sure yet, so they’ll call me.

so then i went to kinko’s and they say the manager’s not in yet, but he’ll be in later…

… so i then went over to giant and they said the manager’s in a meeting for a while, so i went home.

then i went and poked around on for a while to check up on my resume and any jobs on there, and to double-check a hunch about a temp agency that susan told me about last night. apparently her sister betsy signed up with a temp agency called adecco, and got herself a job yesterday through them.

so, i see that some jobs on are handled by adecco, so i submit my resume to a few jobs that they do, and then i see on the page “…for immediate consideration, e-mail us your resume or give us a call…” so, instead, i decide to go and drop in!

but first i went back to kinko’s and the manager was in this time, and he says “do we have an interview?” and i say “i guess so – i dropped off an application about a week ago and was wondering what the status was…” so they interview me and ask if i can work through the fall and i say “well, maybe weekends”, and they didn’t seem to like that idea… ^^;; but they say if i don’t hear from them in a few days to give them a call back ^_^

then i go off to adecco and they ask if i have an appointment, and i say “no”. then they ask what i’m interested in, and i say general clerical type-stuff, and they say “oh, are you glenn?” and i say “yeah”, and they’re all surprised and say “oh! we just tried calling your house!” they even had my resume all printed up and everything ^_^ so now i go to do the little tests that i did at manpower with these people on monday ^^

and then i go to this other temp agency that’s in the same business complex as adecco and set up an appointment with them for tomorrow afternoon ^_^

and so as i’m waiting for it to cool down some outside so i can mow the lawn later, i decide to call meaghan out of the blue (well, as “out of the blue” as telling somebody a day or two beforehand “hey, i might give you a call out of the blue sometime” can be… ^^;;)

blech… i dun wanna mow the lawn! ^^;;;;