after one day without my computer (*gasp*), i’ve redeemed myself for oversleeping my alarm by doing tons of ironing! *glomps his computer* meaghan’s programmed it to love me! ^__^

*ahem* new question of the moment in my aim profile!

hmm… i like this version of “major tom” better than david bowie’s version… it’s by mixed company, an acapella group from stanford university. i might order some of their cds sometime… problem is the cd with this song on it is sold out! ;_;

4, 3, 2, 1… earth below us, drifting, falling…

hehehehe… on of the songs that mixed company is is a version of “pachabel’s canon”, except this one is called “taco bell canon” and they sing about how they like tacos to the same tune. ^_^