*gives his computer the evil-eye!*

grr…. trying to do me in by wrapping the headphone cord around my leg so when i get up and jump away from the computer i almost fall flat on my face and my speaker goes shooting across the desk and half the stuff on my desk goes flying. ^^;;


tomorrow – i must go downtown and check up on the status of my jobage endeavors, and mow the lawn, and hope for a call from manpower with a job for me. ^_^ and work on my music vid! and do my special secret thingy to see if it works and will make me happy forever more! ^_______^ no, i’m not making some robot girl to do my bidding like fetch me my rootbeer. this is something even more spectacular than that, would you believe? ^_^ and i’ve never experienced the thing that i’m going to be experimenting with… i’ve experienced something similar to that which i’m going to experiment with tomorrow, but i’ve never encountered the exact thing that i’m going to be fiddling with.

*hopes he hasn’t given away his secret* ^^;;

but if it does work, and everything turns out ok, then i will be one happy glenn come tomorrow. woo! ^_______^