don't call it a comeback, i been here for years – a-rockin' my pants, puttin' suckers in fear!

last night susan and dan and stu came over, and we sat around and hung out… we were very indecisive about what movie to watch, and the movie theaters didn’t really have anything that everybody would want to see so late at night, so when susan said she wanted to see “the producers” we all headed out to hollywood video to rent it.

unfortunately, they don’t carry it at hollywood video, they carry it at blockbuster… so we went and picked out other videos to rent. i don’t think that if we tried we could have found three videos from totally different genres… ^^;;

run lola run – foreign (german w/ subtitles) action / thriller

creature comforts – stop-action animation

this is spinal tap – comedy / “rockumentary”

after renting the videos we went over to wendy’s to grab some eats, and for some reason the sign for the mcdonald’s next door had somehow caught fire… we don’t know how, but it did… best guess we could come up with was maybe there was a power surge and one of the bulbs in the sign blew or something… ^^;;

so first we watched “creature comforts” – it’s a few short stop-action animations, not bad. then we watched “run lola run” – i’d seen it before, but i had kept telling dan that he had to see it sometime, so that was one reason i rented it. i also wanted to see it again, and i think franka portente was great in this movie, so that’s the second reason why i rented it. ^_^ good movie! and good soundtrack! ^_^

then susan and stu had to go, and so after they left dan and i went and watched “this is spinal tap”… while it was funny at parts and had some pretty memorable quotes, i don’t think that it was funny enough to be at #29 out of the top 100 funniest films… ^^;;

let me tell you one thing – it’s odd going to bed at 5 am, because it’s just starting to get light outside and you can start hearing birds chirping outside etc, etc. very odd. but then again i have gone to bed at really crazy times like 6 am, and so i shouldn’t really talk about how crazy 5 am is. ~_^

and this morning (or afternoon, more likely) dan and i just had breakfast, watched some anime music videos, and then he had to go.

and i got an e-mail this morning saying that they recieved my music video submission for otakon:

This note to let you know that your submission to the OTAKON 2001 Anime Music Video Contest & Screening(s) has been received. Thank you for submitting an entry!

After the submission deadline has passed the contest coordinators will rank all the entries on a variety of qualities, ranging from technical presentation to artistic impact, and then determine how many can fit on the 2001 Music Video Contest tape. Once this is done we will send out a mass-email to everyone who submitted an entry to inform you which individuals or groups will have their entries compete in the contest and which will have their entries screened on the overflow tape.

Please be patient awaiting this notification; the number of music video entries has increased every year compared to the previous year and it may take us several weekends after the submission deadline before we can finish watching every single entry.

Thanks for including a return mailer and postage with your blank videotape.

so, hopefully, in a few weeks i should be getting an e-mail saying that my music video made it to the competition tape… dan thinks that it’ll be on there… i just hope that they don’t think that my music video is longer than 6 minutes long since it came pretty close to that time limit… ^^;; i think it came out to 5:55, but if you really think about it, 5 seconds is an really long time… ^_^;;

at the very least i’ll be getting a tape with all of the music videos from the convention… ^___^