comiccon karma

so… tomorrow (well, today… ^^;;) i’m going to the temp agency to do the skills test… i guess they sit me at a computer and say “do this” and i do it. easy enough, i suppose. ^^;;

then after that, i go off to the mall to see how they like me at the museum shop, and then i go downtown to see how they like me at the gap, the camera store, the t-shirt store, and maybe check back at the supermarket and rite-aid… those last two are shoe-ins, apparently… but i wouldn’t want to work at either… ^^;;

but in the game of money-raising, people will do anything to get money. especially when their returning to school next semester depends on it. so if i have to, i’ll work there. i won’t like it, but hey, it’s a job… ^^;;

plus, with the way my parents saw how i slept in ’til 3 the other day (whoops… ^^;;;;;), they’re reconsidering letting me go to comiccon. those extra hours of sleep were not worth it, let me tell you! ^^;; so, even if i get a job, the possibilities of me going to comiccon are slim, even if i can afford it… ^^;;


so, time for me to go to bed now, to try my darndest to get a job for school and pray to the gods of comiccon for some comiccon karma. maybe i’ll wear my pajamas backwards like kids in gradeschool used to do when they wanted it to snow… ~_^

and as for the little poll i was doing the other day, since i only got a handful of entries, so tomorrow i’ll answer them ALLLL!!! ^___^ if you want to, ask more questions! ask your friends to ask questions! no question will be refused! serious, or silly, i’ll respond to them all! ^__^

*cough* yes. anyways. g’night all. hopefullly i’ll be a member of the employed tomorrow. and i’ll get my music vid all done, too, so i’ll just need to toss the logo in when megs has that complete, and then mail it out. ^________________^