apparently the title of my entry is the sound that a tutle-but-isn’t-a-turtle-but-rather-that-other-turtle-ish-creature-that-starts-with-a-“t” makes when they make little tutle-but-isn’t-a-turtle-but-rather-that-other-turtle-ish-creature-that-starts-with-a-“t”‘s… or so bruno_boy says… ^^;;

anyways, last night bruno_boy and zenmetsu and stueypark came on over, and we watched these mst3k movies with invaders from the planet neptune and short public-service films and fooled around on the computer and had fun. ^_^

and today we all went and took public transportations into baltimore from annapolis, and today ended up being a 5-crazy-guy day!

first crazy guy started asking stu and myself where in annapolis he could get an apartment, and a job, and where the bus goes, and how often, etc, etc. apparently he would have to commute to baltimore to visit his probation officer at the detention center there… ^^;;

so we took the bus to the light rail, and then the light rail to baltimore. the doors of the light rail confounded me until this lady on the train explained how to get them opened… ^^;; i got some moneys out of the atm and we headed over to burger king to get some eats, where we saw second crazy guy. he was hobo-ish in his appearance and he had a rope for a belt and apparently (dan and myself had our backs to him) he starts cussing at his newspaper and coughing at it and drinking hot water and wandering around the place.

so then we went to the civil war museum in baltimore to find stu a civil war hat for a cosplay idea, and along the way met crazy guys 3 and 4 – crazy guy 3 kept asking us for money and telling us jokes like “what do you tell a woman with two black eyes…? nothin’ – you already told her twice!” (which we all later agreed were “not funny ha-ha, but more along the lines of funny shut-up!”) the funniest one that he told us was “don’t drink and drive – you might spill your drink!”

crazy guy 4 wasn’t that crazy, but he was pretty amusing – he told us he wasn’t begging for money, and he asked us if we’ve ever heard of freestyle rap. he told us that he’d do some freestyle rapping for us and if we liked it to just give him whatever we thought would be good, and if we didn’t like it he’d do 50 push-ups. so dan gave him the topic (“traffic”), and dave gave him the name of a car (“mustang”), and he proceeded to freestyle about traffic and cars and managed to work in things off of our shirts – i’m amazed he figured out a way to work in “hockey” off of stu’s shirt, and even more amazed that he was able to work in “bubblegum crisis” off of mine! ^_^ so we gave him money and wished him luck ^^

the civil war museum didn’t have any hats in stu’s size, so i grabbed a map of the town. we were thinking about seeing if we could go over to the asian section of town (but we didn’t know where it was), and the map i got didn’t help either… ^^;; so we went to barnes and noble, checked a map there (that still didn’t help), and took a look at the cds they had there too… i found a “run lola run” soundtrack, but it was too expensive for me… ;_;

so we went back to the area near where we had lunch (saw crazy guy 2 along the way), and found a policeman there to ask. he didn’t know either… ^^;; i think he was more of a mall-cop, though. so, then i figured, “hey, there’s no visitor’s center on this map, but it does have city hall – they’ll probably know there!” ^_^ so we made our way over to city hall to ask. they didn’t really know either (apparently baltimore is lacking in the asian section of town, but it does have a little italy… ^^;;), so people at city hall asked other people coming in to work there and called up other people inside city hall to see if they knew. they told us that if we headed a few blocks over to charles street and turned right and headed that way we should be able to find something.

got to charles street, headed right… there was nothing asian except for two japanese restaurants. and they weren’t even really close to each other, either… ^^;; but we did find a used cd store! and all cds under $9.99 were on sale for $6.99! and i found a copy of the “run lola run” soundtrack there! and since it was for sale i got it a lot cheaper than the $17-18 one at barnes and noble! ^_^ i also got a steely dan cd (“alive in america”) there too. ^_^

so we headed back, hopped on the light rail, got on a bus to take us back to annapolis, and crazy guy 5 sits down in front of us. he looks at dan and exclaims that dan (wearing his sunglasses and this new hat of his) looked just like he did back in the ’60s when he used to drive this red volkswagon and had his hair down to his waist and truckers honked at him thinking he was some lady… ^^;; so he told us these odd and crazy (but funny) stories about what he used to do with women back in the day, and how he got quaaludes from his doctor that he sold to people and didn’t have to work. he also thought that maybe stu would join the navy, but then he decided that stu wasn’t the type of guy to walk around salutin’ and saying “aye, aye!!” wacky guy. so at his stop he asked if we wanted to come with him to the liquor store and he had some pot too, but we all declined. he told the bus driver as he left that the driver should keep an eye on “those troublemakers” as he pointed to us, hehe.

as soon as he left, dan decided that maybe now he will cut his hair, ha! and we said that now this proves it, dan is a thug! ~_^

so we came back here, watched the transformers movie (i never really watched the show as a kid so i wasn’t that into it, but now nick yu can’t yell at me for not seeing it ~_^). then we fooled around until dan and dave had to go.

and tonight i just found out that apparently my copy of “life of brian” was tossed out purposefully some time ago… ^^;;

anyways… now i must go to bed because….


i might have a job tomorrow!!!

and not the job that my aunt offered me to house-sit in late july (definitely no comic-con for me if i take this one), but i would be paid $200 for keeping an eye on their house and dog for 6 days, and i’d be paid another $35 or so for mowing their lawn, and since they live near umbc and nowhere near my house they’d lend me use of their car for getting myself there and back ^_^

nope, this job is with “today’s staffing”, one of the temp agencies i visited. they called at 11 but i was out all day and got back after they closed. ^^;; i don’t know why neither they nor anybody at the house tried calling me on my cellphone, though… ^^;; but if i call them up at 7:30 am tomorrow morning when they first open and the job hasn’t been given to anybody else, then glenn = employed! ^__^

and i’ve been getting phantom aim messages from someone who apparently reads my journal – i guess this means that i have a stalker! ~_^