and now… IN STEREO!

dual monitors = droolworthy! ^____________^

granted that one monitor is significantly smaller than my big ‘ol 19-incher… depending on what monitor i use its either 15″ or 13″ for the smaller monitor… and they can’t go as high as a resolution as my big one (duh), and if i set the resolution too high then the refresh rate goes down and hurts my eyes. and the second video card isn’t as super-speedy graphics-wise as my default card.

but it’s cool! two monitors! woooooo!!! ^__________^

now there is officially no room on the dresser my computer goes on. well, technically, the computer is on the floor. so on top of the dresser now is:

– 1 19″ monitor

– 1 13″ monitor

– 2 speakers

– my keyboard & mouse

and this thing that everything is on is only about 3 feet wide! ^^;; i have just enough room for a rootbeer or two, and maybe perhaps a sammich too… if it’s a small sammich… on tortilla bread, ‘cos that’s flat and small… ^^;;

now for some reason our old computer (i tried to put in a new (used) 1 gig hard drive and a faster cd-rom), and now it doesn’t output any video at all. whoops. ^^;; even restored it to its original configuration and it still doesn’t wanna do anything. ^^;;;

watched “miss congeniality” off and on as i came upstairs and ran downstairs while working on the computer. funny movie. ^_^ also saw “meet the parents” all the way through – my parents watched it last night and i saw some of it then, but i had come in during the middle of the movie. ^^; hehehe, that’s a great movie ^^

last night i mentioned that i downloaded some more versions of “bohemian rhapsody”. so now i’ve got:

– the original version by queen

– a hip-hop-ish version by a group called “the braids”

– a crappy-recorded-live version by elton john and axl rose / guns ‘n roses in a freddy mercury tribute concert

– a crappy-recorded-live version by phish… their singing in this one causes your ears to BLEED. ouchums. O_o

– a classical version by the “royal philharmonic orchestra”

– and a version by weird al yankovic where it’s bohemian rhapsody… polka style! o_o

the weird al version reminds me of fast-forwarding through the audio clip in premiere, and instead of bending the pitch when you fast-forward it instead cuts little bits out to compensate for going so fast. doing that gives you a happy pop version of bohemian rhapsody! ^_^;

this morning on the way to church we were discussing dreams… apparently kelly had a dream last night about playing baseball with the orioles and was out in left field, i had a dream last night about riding around on the trams inside atlanta international airport, except my version of the trams went in layers down underground like this:




and where this has the slashes, mine had these funky loop-de-loops to get down (or up) to the next level, and the g-forces kept people standing in the trains when they did their little maneuvers. the train that i was in was driven by mr. t too… i think that he was THE security force for the airport. ^_^

my dad heard about these dreams, and said that they could never match up to in either coolness or oddness this one dream that he once had where humphrey bogart taught my dad how to be a hockey goalie. ^^