"a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…"

i’m ashamed of myself… i’m sitting here in our den with my mom and sister and i’m DANCING AROUND TO HAMMOND ORGAN MUSIC! and not just any hammond organ music… A HAMMOND-ORGAN VERSION OF “A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR” FROM “MARY POPPINS”!! @_@

gah!!! at least they do other songs hammond-organ style on that same mp3, and it’s not just “a spoonful of sugar”… ^^;

mom saw me dancing around in my seat and asked what was wrong with me… so i replied “HAMMOND ORGAN MUSIC!!!” @_@


*adds hammond organ music to his list of interests*

if you don’t know what hammond organ music is, then think back to the music that was on the radio in the wallace & gromit animated film “the wrong trousers”… or if you’re in the annapolis area think back to the type of music they played on 1430 WNAV about 10 years ago or so… or just think about the music used at ANY HOCKEY GAME EVER PLAYED!!!


*dances around some more* whee! ^__^

*ahem* yes. ^^;; *tosses his newly-downloaded hammond organ mp3s under the rug* me? listen to hammond organ music? perish the thought! *turns on something that isn’t hammond organ music, like… like… “sexy” by los amigos invisibles…*

*cough* ^^;;

and i have to wake up at 6 AM to go walk my aunt ‘n uncle’s dog! gadzooks! and then i go walk the dog again at 3 PM! holy hound-dogs, batman! and then sometime tomorrow afternoon (still planning it) i’m going to go see shrek! with susan! ^_^

stu and i thought up funny little things to do as videos (partly using stock-film-footage from… like a commercial for “kamikazi airlines” – “the only airline to not offer round-trip tickets… where every in-flight meal is your last… fly the unfriendly skies… etcetera, etcetera…”

i also want to think up a video to make this summer… we usually make some sort of movie using stu, my sisters, and myself as actors and camerapeople on our breaks from school… and with these wild mp3s i’ve found and want to include in some way, the movie must include a chase scene, a section with technical difficulties, and somebody put on hold on the telephone… we figured that maybe a movie with pirates could work (then we could do some on-location shooting in downtown annapolis with all the boats around), but then we need boats to use too… ^^;; and pirates don’t really have technical difficulties (“maybe an eyepatch could fall off, or a guy with a wooden leg could have his wooden leg be infested with termites or something… that’s like technical difficulties…” i said to stu, but he said nix that idea), and i figured that pirates wouldn’t really be put on hold on a telephone, either… ^^;;

hmmm… maybe it it was a tin-can telephone… that could work… or maybe if they’re time-travelling pirates… ^_^;; and they can say authentic phrases like “arr”…

speaking of authentic pirate phrases… shec is doing an ebay auction where he will call your house and say piratey-things… i’m tempted to bid on it and have him call up the place that stu works at since it’s called the “annapolis treasure company” (their number is 1-800-368-3118, by the way)… i’d love to hear how a conversation there would go… ^_^

pirate-prankster: arr, i be lookin’ for treasure, matey…

store clerk: well, sir, you’ve come to the right place…

pirate-prankster: where be ye, so i may pillage and loot and plunder ye scurvy scum?!

store clerk: well, sir, you can’t just come and rob our store like that

pirate-prankster: arr… i be not fooling, landlubber!

etc, etc,