i got a letter in the mail from macservices where i used to work…

it’s not a letter saying “please come back to work for us”…

it’s not a letter with a paycheck for me that they might have forgotten to give me


they want to sell me more warranty-stuff for my computer! yay! -_-;;

reason why this is funny is my computer is the ultimate lemon of a computer… its had problems that required:

the motherboard to be replaced

the processor to be replaced (2x)

the video card to be replaced (3x)

and now i manage to crash the “uncrashable” os x installer ^^;;

so as long as i don’t try to run os x, the computer now works fine.

so i’m slightly tempted to get the extended warranty… thing is, i don’t have $249 just floating around for something like this. grr…

but this reminds me that sometime i ought to give apple a call up and sit on hold for 2 hours to get them to send me a new computer to replace my lemon ~_^