1. I don’t know if this is something you’ve done, or if Megs just messed up before she left, but today there’s something wrong with ETR. There are two small thumbnails of sketches, but when you click on each one, all you see is that same thumbnail, rather than a larger picture. My guess is a) the link is just pointing to the wrong picture, or b) the thumbnails were accidentally named the same as the larger pictures, and when uploaded the larger pictures were erased over. If this is the case I hope you have a copy of the originals. ^_^

    I’m not an expert with html or anything, but if you need any help with it, or with the fidgety auto-keen system, I can make a bold attempt to do so.

    • whoops! ^^;;

      eep! ^^;; i was away for most of today and so i didn’t see this problem… i actually called megs’ attention to it before she left (i noticed it when i went poking around the files), and she said she fixed it… ^^;;

      now, if the image files are up there and just aren’t being linked to by the html file, i don’t know – keenspace’s ftp server is acting finicky and not letting me on it… and even if i were able to get on, if those files aren’t there then i’m afraid we’re outta luck – i don’t have them either… ^^;;;;;

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