recently i’ve felt like just walking into traffic. grr.

ever have a day where it seems like you woke up on not only the wrong side of the bed, but also on the wrong side of the house?

>_<;; i'm mad at myself - overslept my alarm again, and so i've been kicked off the computer for who knows how long ^^;; so, my comp access times are going to be rather sporadic since i don't know when i'll be able to sneak on here ^^;;; i want a job where i start work late in the afternoon! ;_; dern 'ol sleep schedule and biological clock makes me very much a night-owl ^^;; applied for that bookstore job today - apparently it's a bookstore that's only going to be open for 3 months. also dropped my music video in the mail ^^ watched "fashion emergency" with kelly when i got back - i still can't believe that she and my cousins wanted to have me put on that show... ^^;;; today i won't be able to surprise susan at work - gotta do some chores around the house now... ;_; razzle-frazzle alarm... i need a new one... i get accustomed to alarms and then i don't notice them anymore. maybe i'll bring down our old computer and have that start playing mp3s to wake me up like i had this comp do for me at school. except it would have a fan on all night long. but then it would be very helpful, too... ^^;;