• “the prophet’s song” by queen to vision of escaflone ^_^

      dunno how well it’d work, since it’s a very very very long song with this very artistic vocal bit in the middle that i don’t know what i’d do for that section, but i think that it might work ^^

    • If that’s what it takes to get you to actually watch Vision of Escaflowne after I’ve told you time and time again that it’s a fantastic series… 😛

    • ^^;;;

      and i still need to watch that “batman” movie, too… ^^;;;;;;

      and i still need to watch the rest of cowboy bebop, too… ^^;;;;;;

      and i still need to watch the rest of kare kano, too… ^^;;;;;;

    • wanna buy the boxed vhs set? it’s going cheap at $70.. eh eh??

      I’ve already watched it through 4 times and prob want the dvds instead, so i am selling it.


    • sounds like a steal!

      how about i’ll trade ya my 3-tape set of “here is greenwood”. it’s subbed, too! and i’ll even toss in some original glenn art, too! ^_^;;

      hmm… $70, eh…? any discounts for a bestest-estest friend? ~_^

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