whew! all done with classes and exams for the semester! ^___^

talked with the director of the honors college, and i’m now approved to take that one political science course on law and the courts ^_^

i think i did pretty good on my spy-class final… i’ll have to wait and see, but i knew everything on there but one or two things that slipped my mind ^^;

tried to sell my books back to the bookstore… i didn’t think that i’d get much (considering that i bought them used in the first place), but they only took two of my books since the other two were old editions that they weren’t buying back. i think i broke the bookstore’s bank with those two books, though… i made a whopping…


woo! so now i only have $10, since i used $1 to buy myself a rootbeer (yay for celebratory beverages!) ^__^

now… to relax… ^____^