woo! school's out in a week! ^_^

first peer pressure had me get a livejournal… now it’s making me post on the avalon glasses contest thread!

see? it’s me!

and me again! in sunglasses! (since i have a giant monitor ~_^)

speaking of sunglasses… I WANT MEGS’ ORANGE SUNGLASSES! ;_; *sniff* i’m very stylish with her sunglasses on… and i don’t have any colored shades of my own… ^^;;

and here’s me being sneaky, ‘cos i take a spy-class! ^_^

what else… what else… hmm…

i got to try one of these yesterday. ^____^ looks great!

also, secret petition drive going on in #4tt… shh, it’s a secret! can’t tell! all will soon be revealed ~_^ (if there are enough e-mails, that is ^^;;) here’s a shout out to troutman for helping get the word out ^_^