woo! first neobaka guest strip! ^__^

megs did us a guest strip! check it out! ^____^

she gets mad cookies and rootbeer for this! ^______^ *hugs*

… now, to find myself a pair of pants, shoes, suspenders, and sunglasses just like i have in that strip… hmm… ^^

yesterday i went downtown, walked around, got my pictures developed, had lunch at subway (yum!)… while i was dropping off the film another guy came in and wanted slides made of his film, and the stupid dum-dum guy at the place i got the film developed at didn’t know what a slide was… baka. 😛 i can tell you, if he worked where i do right now and kept the same attitude and was that lazy and unhelpful to customers as when i saw him, he would not last the day. -_-

got to go wander around town and make phone calls and whatnot this thursday to see about getting a summer job somewheres witihin walking distance or by a bus route. then i can make money for helping with tuition next semester! and if i do that, then i’d say that i’d be going to comiccon in july! whee!!! ^___^ *needs a full-time job that pays well*

went to chi-chi’s last night… not bad eats… could have been better, tho… ^^;

today since it was mothers’ day i went and spent some time this weekend at home… kelly and i gave mom a new keyboard for the computer – she really likes it (didn’t like the old keyboard… too small).

now! time to get my study on! got a paper to turn in tomorrow, a test on tuesday, and a final on wednesday, and that’s it! end of semester! ^_^ *whew*