went out, filled out a job application. they say to come back in on thursday to talk to the hiring manager. so i’ll do that.

if all goes well, i’ll have a fulltime job at a shirt ‘n souvenier shop on main street. not exactly my dream-job, but at least it’ll let me get money for college (and hopefully comiccon) ^_^

the blue angels are flying over our house as i type this. everything shakes. i guess i’ll videotape them tomorrow when they do their actual flying (this is just practice). pity that the practice is often more exciting than the actual flight day.

oh, i just realized. thursday’s going to be a real zoo trying to get downtown… the PRESIDENT is coming to visit annapolis to give the graduation speech for the naval academy. and, so, that means that where he’s going to give his speech is at the naval academy’s football field. which is about a football-field’s length from our house.