umm… ok… o_o

apparently my sister just climbed out her window. dunno why, or where she’d go off to… o_o

update: i remembered a plan where she and my cousins and some other guy wanted to go to the playground to play tag, and my mom said no (since the playground is closed at sundown). and my mom just sat down at our other comptuer and kelly was still logged in on aim and one of my friends just messaged her to say “tonight’s ‘the night’, isn’t it?”. and my friend just mentioned that she mentioned something about going to the police station (???)… what an odd place to go… so, now, my dad and my uncle from san diego who’s in town for my cousin’s graduation this weekend are out driving downtown, while my mom went to the police station to find her. very odd night this is…

update update: she arrived back home while everybody was out looking for her. apparenlty she went to meet this nutter of a guy by the police station (i guess she went to one police station and he went to the other)… anyways, parents got back here all worried sick and made her take off her passwords on the computer so they can keep tabs on her aim conversations and whatnot and forbid her from ever talking to that guy again either online or off ‘cos he’s a jerk and they’re still going to have to come up with a decent punishment for her they say.

part of me says that she deserves whatever she gets, and the other part says no, don’t be to harsh on her since she was so stupid. heh.