thinking about the future

well, i just finished my resume… tomorrow i’ll have to go downtown to look for a job. not just any job, but a fulltime job. gotta help pay for tuition.

i wish that i could at least enjoy one week off with no school and no work before starting to look for a job, but by then many of the jobs will be gone. grr. and i can’t even enjoy the weekend before going off to find a job… it’s all rainy outside, and chores are dumped upon me one right after the other, and people are complaining about the way i do these chores and the length of time it took for me to do them. well, sorry, but if you want something done correctly, don’t give it to a guy who’s supposed to be on his vacation… grrr 😛 *gripe, gripe* -_-;;

if i can find a job, then great, i get to use that money to pay for tuition. of course, i’ll have to siphon off some of that $$$ to help pay for comiccon and otakon, and be sure to save up some for anime weekend atlanta in september…

this is what starts to worry me. glenn no find job, glenn no get money, and therefore…

short-term, say 2-4 months: glenn no have fun. ;_;

long-term, say 7-12 months: glenn no go to school ;_;


i really really want to stay in school (??? i’m saying that? somebody must have drugged my milk!), and i really really really want to go off ’round the country! go places! meet people! enjoy myself! have fun! but unless this all works out, then my life = major suckage.

i wish that i could have just kept the job i had at school, with the bookstore there. but i didn’t have any way of getting to or from that job.

also, i don’t know of anyplace downtown that i’d really enjoy working at… i’m more suited for office work or computer repair or computer sales. i don’t know what else i’d be knowledgeable about in enough capacity to be able to sell it. ^^;;

i don’t usually get worried. usually i take things as they come.

but this worries me.

for the first time, i’m worried about the future. ;_;

i think i’ll go off by myself and sit and contemplate the future for a bit.