the spectrum of glenn's current emotional state

boo – somebody took down the far side cartoons i had on my door at the dorm ;_; and one was really really funny, too! *sniff*

semi-yay – reading damonk’s response from the other day made me hungry for a cheese sammich, so i just got one at late-night right now ^_^ well, i wanted a cheese sammich, but i had to settle for a ham and cheese sammich… low on eats tonight, it seems ^^;;

semi-yay pt. 2 – got to participate in random silliness with random people at late-night too ^_^

yay! – got back to the dorm and the ending to “dragon half” just started to play on this anime internet radio station that i found tonight… apparently this anime radio show is done by someone from the hameln mailing list! ^_^ woo!

yay yay yay! – now that it’s tuesday, that means i just need to get through wednesday and then i get to see megs! ^____^