the signifigance of … pedal-depressed pancromatic resonance and other highly ambient domains…

“arf”, he said.

i’m looking for the most random, unusual song i have to listen to as i write this, so people can see how random and unusual i am. ~_^

the problem is, people have heard of all (or almost all) of the bands that i listen to. so, anything that i pick out is going to be not that unusual… hmm… how about this…?

Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion (S. 1000) – IV.Rondo Mucho Grando, by PDQ Bach

what a long title… wow…

or i could do anything by john cage – he’s odd enough… with songs like 4′ 33″, where it’s 4 minutes 33 seconds of complete silence, and then designs the song so that the piece can be played on any instrument (kinda a given point), and for any length of time, the guy is noticibly odd. and he didn’t even consider himself a musician!

there’s another group that i have in my playlist called farm report internut radio… not music, more like redneck talk radio with topics such as “WARNING: CLOWNS COULD BE EVIL”, “WARNING: PETS CAN GO BAD ON YOU”, and “THERE’S DEMONS IN THEM POKEMON!” found them on… dunno if they’re still on there or not… ^^;;

songs from dr. demento are sufficiently odd… but that’s the problem – they’re so odd that everybody knows of them. ^^;;

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! just started crusing around on and i just found this crazy star wars gangster rap… lol… i think this song wins the oddest song i have… ^^; i think that ties with my recently-downloaded copy of the village people’s “YMCA” sung in chinese… o_o;;

meaghan posted the eat the roses anniversary tribute i drew… i totally didn’t expect her to post it as a comic… maybe just put it in the fanart section, that’s all… but it’s on the front page… *^_^* maybe she listened to “the rimmer song” and got the urge to update, and didn’t have any material handy… *shrug*

i still don’t think that my art is good at ALL. mom saw it and thought that meaghan did it (i don’t know whether to accept that as a complement to me, or an insult to meaghan’s art ^^;;; ~_^), until i told her that that WAS my fanart.

*kicks his lack of drawing skills* ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

dan saw it and thought that the text under the comic was the funniest thing he’s ever seen in his entire life. he also offered to teach me to draw, saying that he could “teach me a thing or two… or fifty…”

phooey, i forgot to send in my pre-reg for otakon by today (er, yesterday now) ^^;; so, that means that i won’t save a whopping $5. woo. i can’t wait for otakon, though ^__^ i’m going to go in costume as spike spiegel, and meaghan’s going to go as juila. and we’ll get to meet lotsa people there, too ^_^ and she’s going to stay with us and i’ll get to show her all around and have fun with “my bestest-estest friend”. but she’s got evelyn already, so i suppose she’s got two bestest-estest friends.

tried to play unreal tournament for the first time since winter semester tonight… I STINK! ;___;


ah,well… i’ll get better with practice. just like with my drawing.

there’s a lot of things that i’m just starting with that need practicing… ah, well…