got our family’s cable modem hooked up – everything’s running smooth and fast! ^_^

only one complaint… if we want to get two computers up on the internet at once we’d have to go and get a router, methinks… i thought that by plugging in the cable modem’s ethernet cable into our hub that we’d be able to get both computers hooked through the uplink port. but, sadly, no-can-do. ;_;

and now i’ll have to go and think up a new e-mail address since now that we have this i’m almost absolutely sure that we’d cancel earthlink (dunno why we’d keep it around with this here). so, time to put the ‘ol gray matter to work… ^_^;

ah, well… the speed more than compensates. and now onlineness all the time, too! ^__^


  1. If it’s roadrunner you can use the hub but it will cost you.

    If it’s like road runner, your money buys you 1 ip address. If you want more you can pay $10 extra for each ip.

    SO its a matter of money vs. time vs. complications.

    Buy a $120 router or make one or simply pay $10 a month more for a second ip address.

    • figured it out – we thought that they had already assigned us a second ip, but nope, had to go and order that. now ive got everything all set up through our hub, no problems ^^

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