'round and 'round he goes, and where he'll stop, nobody knows…

hope this doesn’t happen to me on my way to atlanta! ^^;;

first time i’ve flown commercially in about 13 years or so (my grandfather used to have his own personal plane that i’ve flown in for little sightseeing trips)… and i’m doing this all by meself ^_^ i’m just a bit worried that i’ll take a wrong turn in the airport or something and end up going to los angeles (which is where i’ll end up at if i don’t switch planes in charlotte) or somplace random like that… some guy once was going to boston and accidentally went to london a few months ago… o_o while it would be nice and all to go to england, there isn’t any meaghan there (well, there probably is a meaghan there, but not the one i’m going to see!)… ^^;;

so, there’s going to someplace random by accdent (but that never stopped the people on dr. who! ~_^), and there’s also my departure time on monday morning: 6:20 am… which means i ought to get to the airport by 5:20 am or so ^^;;; probably won’t go to sleep at all that night, so i won’t fall asleep and accidentally wake up at 10 and realize that i’m stuck in atlanta. not that that would be a bad thing, per se, but it’s something unexpected and causes problems. ^_^;;

other than that, i’m pretty cool with this whole trip… can’t wait to get on my way! ^_^