random mutterings of a sleepy glenn

i’m tired, but too lazy to go to bed. read on to f ind out more…

i just finished the etr tribute picture i was working on for meaghan. ^_^ i suppose that it’ll end up as a bit of a letdown, artistic-wise… i don’t draw. period. (my mom thinks that the last time i sat down and drew something was in preschool… but i remember i did do this really cool robot in 3rd grade that i probably still have around… i guess i hit my artistic plateau early and went downhill from there… ~_^) and i half as don’t use photoshop. maybe i’ll post it tomorrow. maybe i won’t. i’ll see how things work out with her and if she likes it or not and i’ll give it a second viewing in the morning when i’m not about to pass out on the keyboard.

methinks my drawings look like scribble-scrabbles on crack and the photos i take look like some crazy trip-out session. i’m really good at playing the oboe, but me and band concerts don’t mix – something always goes wrong. i’m good at videotaping things, but how often does the circumstances call for a videographer? and i don’t like the idea of people videotaping every… single… thing… that happens in a family-member’s life. sure, it’s great to have video and audio of a person for years and years later (to embaress them when they have a date over, as my parents like to say), but the constant capturing of a person onto videotape cheapens the experience for me.

so, what am i planning to do early next week? go out and videotape. but this is different – for this, i’m going to videotape the blue angels (you know, the naval jets that fly in formation?), since they’ll be practcing here in annapolis like they do every year at this tme of year, and when they do, they fly right over our house. very low over our house. so low, in fact, you can see the whites of the pilot’s eyes. that’s how low they fly.

stu, kelly and i used to come up with ideas for movies all the time, too. we videotaped a few of them… some even had special effects. most were parodies of other movies (like “the not-so-great escape”), or tv shows (“the connie jarson show”, or “sarry jinger talk show”). some were combinations of the two (like the james bond / dr. who crossover parody “the adventures of dr. what”, and also the “rocky” / dr. who / a-team crossover parody “dr. what and the gangsters”) sadly, the video camera we were filiming “the adventures of dr. what” broke just before we finished filming. it was on its last legs (or should i say tripod?), anyway…

so, now i’ve got my own digital video camera. how many things have i videotaped with it so far? umm… four: graduation (it was a graduation gift last year), the music videos at otakon, “dr. what and the gangsters”, and a guy being duct-taped to a tree for his art project.

ugg… so sleepy… phooey… i just remembered that i have a ton of stuff on top of my bed from bringing things back home from the dorm (which included dan’s food… oops…^^;;;;). which means that i’ll have to clear this stuff off before sleeping. -_-;; unless i sleep on the couch or on one of the bunk-beds downstairs. hmm… that doesn’t make me want to go off to bed, then. having to clean stuff up isn’t a good bedtime chore -_-;;

apparently there’s going to be an iron chef movie. there’s also a lego version of iron chef. o_o

now, time to give a shout out to the people who had lj posts in the last 15 friends post on my livejournal:

trout and dennis are now graduates… so, con”grad”ulations to both of them… *rimshot*

pyrop: ahh, another red dwarf fan! ^^ good song, that “tongue tied”, ain’t it?

shec: if it matters for anything, i like your pirate-picture ^_^

jibakushounen: if you’ve really gone away, can i have your stereo?

aeire: was that one cat in the pictures, was that ZOT? *likes that name, “zot” ^__^*

maeka: i wish that now i went to bed early tonight ^^;;

that zrosan sure is a hoopy frood!

megs: “don’t all get jealous at once.” – does that mean that there a line for people to stand in to wait their turn to get jealous in? *kneeslap* ~_^

*collapses in a heap*… g’night all… x_x