nah-nah why don't you get a job?


i went back to that store to talk to the manager what does the hiring, and they said that the manager had just left for lunch, and they didn’t know when she’d be back. so, they let me leave my phone number for her to call.

get home, still no message. finally i give them a call back, and they say “oh, well, we’re keeping all applications until next week when we’ll start to consider them.”

huh. forget that! i need a job now, people. 😛

so, tomorrow i’m calling up a temp agency to give/send/fax my resume to them. i’m more suited for officework anyways. ^^;;


lawn’s mowed. thanks to all of you who pledged, there is no slogan cut into our yard. why? nobody pledged! so there! ~_^


I NOW KNOW WHERE SUSAN WORKS! muhahahaha! the stalking tables have turned! ~_^