nah nah why don't i get a job?

i’m workin’ on it! ^_^ went to the temp agency today, filled out an application that asked for what programs have i used, what skills do i have, etc etc. (i personally got a kick out of the bit where you had to check off boxes saying whether you were interested or had experience in different things, and some of these things included “moving two arms in different directions to move objects”, “math skills”, and “using a calculator”).

so, now i go back to manpower on monday morning so i can show my proficiency with different computer applications so they know where to place me. yay! ^_^

saw my grades online today… yeeesh… ^^;;;;;;

my informations systems class – c

japanese 102 – d

band – a

technical writing – c

spy-class – b

gpa for this semester – 2.20 – pretty bad when it’s compared to my 3.23 last semester. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

i figured i’d get an a in band and get a c in english. i knew i’d do badly in japanese. my ifsm class and spy-class were up for grabs, though. not bad for my spy-class, though, considering we only had two exams and our presentation (and i did pretty bad on one of those exams, too ^^;;;).

so it looks like i’ll be taking japanese 102 over again – need a “c” to continue to 201. i wanted to take it over again, after studying it on my own first. ^^;; but i figure, hey, look how much japanese i knew a year ago! ^_^;;

so, my grades + latest neobaka comic = glenn needs a hug ^^;;



just over two weeks until music video submission time! woo! ^_^