let's rent a herd of sheep so i don't have to cut the lawn

the president doesn’t come today – he comes tomorrow. silly me.

which means that after i go talk to the people about a job i get to come back and mow the lawn special for him.

anybody want any slogans to be “mysteriously” cut into my lawn? bids start at $5! ~_^

ha, i almost typed it in as “Bleu Oyster Cult”… sounds like a fancy-pants restaurant’s food.

anyways… today would be a good day to just not be. it’s a combination of things, in addition to the fac that i’m too lazy today, i guess. but since i do like to listen to my musics when i mow the lawn i suppose i will go downtown and to the used cd store when i’m down there to see what i can find. ^^ because “I Know What I Like” (Musicwise) ~_^