kicking it old-school!

whatever happened to learning for the sake of learning?

me, i’d really really really love to see a college where you would go to your lectures, listen to the professor, and that was it! and none of this major business, or required courses, or anything like that… you see a course you are interested in taking, and you go and take it! that’s it! just learn for the sake of learning!

tom clancy does something like that, i read… he was called “a perpetual college student”, ‘cos he’s always in the classes / library / etc. just researching something for his next book. why can’t it be like that more of the time? -_-;;

i mean, i go and walk through the library, or go through the textbook section of the bookstore, and i see all these books that really seem interesting. but, unfortunately, i can’t read them or take the classes, since i’m too busy with my own classes. and some of the classes that i am taking i don’t really care for much… i’d rather just go and see a book or something, say “hm, this looks interesting…”, bring it home, read it, and bring it back. there! all learned up! i just want to go and learn and absorb knowledge. just for the heck of it. learn for the sake of learning. ^_^

i suppose that’s how the old-school (pun intended) colleges were run, methinks.

and what’s this about professors saying that they learn some of the subject from us when they teach the course?! sheesh, i ought to send them a tuition bill for attending the college of glenn! 😛