it's one o'clock and time for lunch… bum de dum, de dum…

well, not really… it’s more like 2 o’clock and time for bed… ^^;;

i just happen to really like that line ^_^

*yawns* i wonder what surprises tomorrow will have in store…? will glenn videotape the blue angels practicing? will he go downtown to see if he can land a better job? or will he happen to win the lottery and thus setting him for life in all money matters, and so he won’t have to worry about tuition money and be able to just up and do whatever he wants?

hmm… “most likely”, “probably not”, and “yeah, right, what have you been smoking? 😛 ”

*figures he’ll probably spend the day playing unreal tournament and myth ii against his neighbor for most of the day…* ^^;;

i really shouldn’t spend so much time indoors… maybe i’ll go out and about tomorrow…

if the pool were open, then this week i could go to that… if my bathing suit fits, and if i actually were a person who went to swimming pools (nobody to go with… ;_; )… and if it were open already ^^;;

maybe on thursday i’ll pack up a small picnic lunch and go walk downtown to:

1) go see the manager in charge of hiring

2) get away from the zoo known as “naval academy marine corps stadium during graduation when the president gives the commencement address”

3) stop in at the used cd store downtown to see if i can find a used cd for $8 or less… this song is too catchy, and i don’t have any cds to burn a mix cd or anything ^_^;;

4) sit on the grounds of the state house and sit and eat my picnic lunch and listen to any cd that i just purchased. ^_^

ooh, looky-looky! i’ve made some scribble-scrabbles that have made myself (and a few other people) proud! ^_^ soon i’ll be eliciting comments like this!

i think it’s a good thing that i’m kinda forcing myself to draw by joining in things like this comic jam. not to mention the fact that it’s fun. ^_^ this way it forces me to improve my drawing skills. who knows, perhaps one day some aliens will come down from space and pick me to defend earth by entering a contest with their best artist, and because i practiced my drawing skills the earth will be saved!

*dream sequence*

alien: ha! ha! vee have come to take ze earth! vee select you to defend eet!

me: eep!

alien: and, here’s our chief artiste, who you’ll be compeeting against!

alien artist: *grr* ¬_¬

me: do your worst!

alien artist: *takes 5 days to draw a picture*

alien: quite good, ees eet not? ha! ha! nothing in ze vorld can schtop us now!!!

me: that may be so, but mine will be better! *takes 2 seconds to sketch a picture*

alien: curses! our foul plan, eet has been foiled! vee are no match for your skeels! @_@ *gets in his ufo and flies away*

female humans of the earth: *swoon*

glenn then goes on to end world hunger, save a frightened kitty-cat from a tall tree, pay his taxes, repair homes and hotels, win a beauty contest, and pass go and collect his $200, all without effort

*end dream sequence*


hmm… that last bit reminds me of a quote from the musical 1776:

“franklin then smote the ground, and out sprang george washington, fully clothed and on his horse. franklin then electrified him with his miraculous lightning-rod, and then the three of them – washington, franklin, and the horse – conducted the entire revolution by themselves.”

anyways… i think it’s bedtime for glenn… time to sit in bed and think about today and wonder about tomorrow.