is it art or fart?

feeling a bit more confident about my english class’ argumentative paper on censoring art done with federal grants now that i’ve found some good articles and whatnot to use as background…. i suppose that i’m for censoring art done with federal grants (since it is the taxpayers’ money that’s being used to complete the pieces, and if the artist wanted to do something contriversioal then they should use their own money – i’m peeved enough that my money goes to stuff like social security and whatnot without it being used to do stupid works of “art” :P)

anyways… my busy day is more than half over! ^___^

just have to go to spy-class in a minute and then do some homework before getting ready for the concert tonight! ^^

and tommorrow i just go to japanese! and then fly off (zoom!) to atlanta! ^__^ and wave at the umbc campus when i fly overhead ^^

… which reminds me… gotta go drop off my airplane flight info off at the bookstore – my bosses want to watch my flight online at ^^

and dan can’t wait for me to go either – he wants a long vacation from me ~_^ he said that he hopes that my plane to take me back to umbc never materializes. not that i’d mind that either… ~_^