i'm the messenger between the tactless and a close friend


i’m being used as a go-between for dennis and megs… i don’t have any real personal beef with dennis, per se, but he has irked me in a few ways:

– constantly whining

– demanding attention

– no respect for other people’s schedules – always demanding that they lavish praise on whatever the hell it is that he’s created

– tactless

probably his lact of tact is the biggie here… if he had any tact, then the others would sort themselves out. but, since he doesn’t (as far as i can tell), then it just causes more and more problems for him, as he pisses off more and more people. like his comment that caused aeire to leave the #4tt chat the other night. but in that instance i can’t say that it was all his fault – he was just making a seemingly harmless joke that she misinterpreted, but still.

it saddens me to see megs treated like this. ;_; and then i realize that i’d probably be the same way if i was in his shoes. ^^;;;

i sometimes think of the relationship between her and myself… what would it be called?

are we bf/gf? (probably not, but who knows what may happen in the future)

are we really really close friends? (most likely, and will probably stay like this)

are we acquantances? (could be, but it’s more than that)

sometimes i wonder just what her “dating probabation” entails.

when i first started talking to her, i was in a depression over not having any girl as my friend to talk to and cuddle with. i prayed and prayed that i would meet one soon. and i did.

but seriously, until i met her, there’s been no other girl who’s treated me that nicely. or edjumacated a dum-dum fool like myself in relationship matters. and when a girl like that takes the time to write you an e-mail like this, you know she cares about you:

well… writing you an email to get when you return from here. ^^ because i’m having a “frame-layout” block and can’t figure out how to draw this the 5th page i’ve drawn this hour. ^_^ oh, i’m productive.

i was really really really happy to have you come and stay and partay with us this weekend. even if it meant being lost around DC. ummm… >.> i feel like i should say something significant and important… you’re an amazing guy- you weathered some very strange girls trying their best to be shocking and humourous. ^_^ and i so very much enjoyed talking to you on the car drive, even thou i was beating myself up for the first portion of it. and i surprised myself with how much i liked listening to your band perfrmance. normally when someone brings out “yeah, this is music with me in it” it’s not worth listening too, but what can i say, i should believe you whenever you say something is good.

i should tell you that i like you best of all for your conversation- i decided in the car that i wanted to kiss you. and i’m glad i did. i was a little surprised you said it was your first- i didn’t think guys liked to admit things like that. ^^;; but… yeah… *^^* you painted your toenails! how cool is that?

mmm.. i alwasys start emails like this with clear ideas of what to write in my head, but i’m afraid i’ve lost them. ^^ but no matter- i’ll talk to you again. ^_^


i’m glad there’s meaghan to talk to about things ^_^