i'm an information junkie

phooey… i’ve got to find myself more online newspapers and news sources to read… i want more than what i have in my bookmarks right now…

macgamer: macintosh game news (duh)

slashdot: news for nerds

the annapolis capital: local paper that i read online when i’m not at home

the washington post: see what’s going on in the nation’s capital

the atlanta journal-constitution: started reading it when i visited atlanta

the drudge report: good central place for news

memepool: found it when going through the link logs for neobaka one day – good place for random odd links

macsurfer: central place to go for macintosh news – makes it easy to see when other sites update

macaddict: doesn’t usually have much news (as compared to other mac sites), but i often go through their forums

versiontracker: to see if any updates to my software have been released that day

does anybody have any links to any other good online papers / sources of news? i need more information to read online! @_@ i think it is slightly funny how i go to one site, then visit other sites, then go back to the original site and get irritated at it since it hasn’t updated in the 5 minutes since i first checked it ^^; (as i was typing this i remembered the website for the drudge report, and so while that kinda makes my whole plea for more links to newspapers / sources of news online kinda moot, could you please let me know of any places online that you like to get news from? any sort of news at all? ^^; )