i want uhf on dvd! ;_;

kuni: “TODAY! one of these lucky contestants will win his or her weight in fish right here on…”

audience: “WHEEL OF FISH!”

kuni: “ok! let’s play the game! we’ll start with yesterday’s winner, ms. phyllis weaver… are you ready, weaver?”

ms. weaver: “i sure am, kuni…”

kuni: “ok! you get over there and spin the wheel of fish! go ahead! give it a BIIIG spin!”

ms. weaver spins the wheel of fish

ms. weaver: “c’mon big fish! come to mama! c’mon!”

kuni: “ahh, a red snapper… hmm… verry tasty! … ok, weaver, listen carefully… you can hold on to red snapper, or you can go for what’s in the box that hiro-san is bringing down the aisle right now! what’s it going to be?”

audience: “pick the box! no! the fish! take the box! the fish! take the fish!”

ms. weaver: “i’ll take the box! the box!”

kuni: “you took the box! let’s see what’s in the box!”

hiro-san lifts the box up

audience gasps

kuni: “nothing? nothing! absolutely nothing! stupid!! you so stupid!!!”