that’s the title of a song. i’m serious. “hyper 90’s chocolate boyfriend” by a j-pop group called “judy and mary”. also known for their other songs “oh! can not angel”, “cheese pizza”, “little miss highway”, “hello! orange sunshine”, “daily news”, and “bathroom”. what a variety.

those crazy japanese people, hehe… ^_^

but last night i re-discovered my mp3s -> cd version of the nausicaa soundtrack. it’s good stuff! ^___^ i wish we could play songs from nausicaa in a band, ‘cos it’d be cool. if i had my way, i’d play songs from “nausicaa, valley of the wind” and the “neon genesis evangelion” movies. i’d also do the soundtrack from “cowboy bebop”, but i don’t think an oboe would fit in… ^^;;

i got my queen cd in the mail today. unfortunately, the version of “bohemian rhapsody” that it has on it is ever so slightly different from the version i used for the music vid – when you synchronize the beginning, it sounds PERFECT, but by the end of the music vid it has a really really really really really really really really really bad echo. did i mention that the echo was really really really bad?

susan came by today – showed her the music video. ^_^ then we went off to the mall. woo! ^^

i poked around at a few stores at the mall looking for a job… bose was hiring, but they only had an opening for a 25 hour a week job, and mine has to be fulltime. i filled out the application anyways, and they had me sit and watch the little presentation they have… AMAZING! *really really really wants a pair or three of bose speakers* my grandfather has a bose radio, so i knew what it sounded like, but WOW… the sound that three little speakers can make! they didn’t hire me, though… apparently they take 90 days to fully train people, and so as soon as i’m all done being trained, i’d be out the door. ;_; oh, well… they’re keeping my application on file, at least. ^^;;

speaking of bose – get THIS for your mp3 player. get it NOW. it’s amazing. like what bose speakers do for sound, this thing does for mp3s. and cds too. i swear that some of my cds actually sound BETTER with this plug-in than without! ^_^

continuing on…

so, then i walked down to the other end of the mall. saw that natural wonders wanted applications, so i figured that i’d grab one later. bought mom some floppies for her to use in her computer class, picked up an application for the warner brothers store (they had them sitting out front), but they were only for part-time jobs. and almost every other place that was hiring was a clothing store. i don’t want to work at a clothing store! i don’t know the first thing about clothing (if someone wanted a pair of pants, i’d probably accidentally point them to the jackets or something… ^^;;). and second, if i WERE to work in clothing, the fashion-police would soon be severely undermanned with all the calls they’d have to go on! ~_^

people don’t need clothing… they just need really really high-end electronics! ~_^ then i’d have no shortage of jobs! ^_^

went back to natural wonders and noticed that they had big ‘ol signs saying “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” plastered EVERYWHERE. so i skipped them. ~_^

so i called mom to set up a pickup place. and then my cellphone battery ran out. so i called from the closest payphone to finish setting up a place.

went down to the parking garage under nordstroms (easiest place to get in / out of), and on my way there i passed by the museum company, and they had a now hiring sign for full and part time positions! ^___^ i’m surprised i didn’t see it before! ^^;;

so i went in, told them i was interested, got an application. went home, filled it out, and brought it back. all before supper! ^_^

so hopefully i’ll hear from them tomorrow or the day after. they’re going to give me a call… just like everyone else… ^^;;