kelly went out to see a movie with one of my friends tonight… while i still don’t like it, i prefer her seeing a movie with one of my friends a lot more than her dating them. i still don’t approve of either, though. typing up an email to megs about it for her to read helped me some. it’s always good to have someone to talk to about how you’re feeling. i think i found a good mp3 to listen to as i type this. ^_^

got a headache now. and an ear that i can barely hear out of. i hate having small ear canals that get clogged and cause inconveniences. 😛

hm. just realizedthat dennis removed me from his friends list. perhaps i was “guilty by association”? *shrug* who knows… i already have a headache. i don’t want to have to pretend to be miss cleo from tv right now and figure out why this happened. anyways, so i removed him too. *shrug* fair is fair, i suppose… i had no real beef with him myself, but why let him see my posts if i can’t see his? ^^;; why don’t i remove the other people on my friends list who haven’t added me? well, they never had me on in the first place and then later removed me. *shrug*

*rubs his forehead* maybe i should have gone outside more today… ^^;;

mom went to return the rented oboe to music and arts. they say that when you return it you get $100 off the purchase of a new oboe. so they’re pulling a real oboe (not like the rinky-dink student one i had) from their warehouse for me to inspect and try and it’ll only cost $2100 they say. woo. so, in the meantime, i get to price used oboes on oboeworks and ebay.

i’d rather use that $2100 to help me go to college next semester and go off to comiccon. but that’s just me.

got to go downtown tomorrow and see the manager at that shop. i hope i get the job. heaven knows i can really use it. ^^;;