turned in my english paper today… i think i did pretty good with it, considering that when i started i had no idea what to write about or do, and suddenly i had this flash of inspiration this weekend and found some really good sources and got it all written up and turned it in. yay! and now there’s no more english class! ^_^

then i went and saw my advisor in the ifsm department and talked with him about what courses to take, and so now next semester so far i’m going to be taking:

IFSM 202 – Systems Analysis Methods (M/W 2:00-3:15)

MATH 150 – Precalculus Mathematics (M/W 4:30-6:15)

CMSC 201 – Computer Science I for Majors (T/TH 5:30-6:45, TH 7:00-7:45)

ECON 101 – Principles of Microeconomics (T/TH 1:00-2:15)

and now i just need to talk to my honors advisor on wednesday so i can get in to:

POLI 233H – Law and the Legal System (M/W/F 12:00-12:50)

because that’s an honors class, and i have to take an honors class since i’m in the honors college. that was the only honors class that really appealed to me. ^^;; as it stands right now, i don’t have any classes on fridays… hmm… maybe i’ll see if i can take some other honors class that doesn’t meet on fridays, so then i can have fridays free! whee! permanent three-day weekend! ^__^

and then on the way back to the dorm from seeing my advisor i went by some people who were giving away free chocolate! it was free! and it was chocolately! ^__^ turns out they were from the alumni association on campus and were giving out chocolate bars to wish us luck on finals. ^_^

had my last spy-class for the semester… just need to take the final on wednesday now… ;_;

now all i have is:

– japanese test tomorrow (apparently dan had his today and he said it didn’t cover anything from the latest chapter… odd…)

– spy class final on wednesday, and turn in my spy-class paper too

guh, i found a bug in livejournal – on the mac, when you go to update your journal, the local time is an hour behind what it really is… a bug in the script or something, i suppose… >_<