episode 18: ambivalence

i’d like to say that today, with 1 minute left in monday, may 28, while nothing got incredibly better, at least it didn’t get much worse.

airline tickets didn’t magically go down, still jobless (didn’t go to the temp agency today, since it’s memorial day), back still hurts. woo. -_-;;

felt a little nauseous today. grr… i don’t want to be getting sick right now. but it was only for a few minutes, thankfully.

couldn’t go and see susan at her new job – mom didn’t think that it would be a good idea to drop by on her first day. oh, well… ^^;;

had a picnic today. family + dan + uncle john. cousin teresa couldn’t make it – she got the message about it too late.

did a little more work on the video with dan’s dvds. he left them here so i can keep using them.

other than that, no change. i’m still pretty unhappy. maybe i should go and find something to buy for myself as a treat. to cheer myself up. but i don’t know what i’d buy. and i’d probably kick myself for going into my probably-not-but-just-in-case-i-can-go-to-san-diego-travelling-fund… ^^;;

i guess what i really need to do is to get out among people. too bad i’ll most likely not be able to meet the people i most want to meet at comiccon. ^^;;

here’s hoping i can find a good, easy-to-get-to, well-paying job that i’ll like when i go to the temp agency tomorrow. i think that’s when i’m going…. ^^;;