co rozczarowanie. – "what a shame" (it's polish, people, didn't ya know?)

great. just when things were going just perfect for the night…

thePfhitz: RAR!


zenmetsuuu: ?

thePfhitz: >_<;;;;;;;;;; thePfhitz: typing up a big ol journal entry and accidentally hit the clear button and there goes my entry >_<;;; zenmetsuuu: undo? thePfhitz: doesn't work on forms zenmetsuuu: you're kidding thePfhitz: and even if it did, IE doesn't even have an "undo" command ^^;; now, journal entry take 2, with a double order of pissed-offness… hooray for my memory… funny thing, too, this was about seeing good things in bad… 😛

so that’s why i saw “the fifth element” last night:

Thai: You got a message.

Major Korben Dallas: Yeah

Thai: You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.

Major Korben Dallas: Yeah, like the last two I got were important. The first one was from my wife, telling me she was leaving. The second was from my lawyer, telling me he was leaving… with my wife.

Thai: Ah, that’s bad luck. Grandfather say it not rain everyday. This is good news, guaranteed. I bet your lunch.

Major Korben Dallas: Okay, you’re on.

Thai: Come on… *reads* You are fired. Oh.

Major Korben Dallas: Well, at least I won lunch.

Thai: Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like.

shit. i really don’t like that philosophy now that my computer just went and ate my journal entry. stupid “clear” key. >_<;; i really doubt my being able to comiccon now. my airline ticket price DOUBLED to $434, the hotel is going to cost $110 total, and so now my trip is at $534 without meals or incidental costs or anything else like that. dammit. i was so looking forward to go, too. i wanted to go see everybody from keenspot / keenspace / #4tt. ;___; maybe if i make a ton of cash at my as yet unexisting job i can afford to go then. ha, maybe i will end up working at the gap... they seem to pay pretty well. and the one downtown is hiring - always a plus. even though i know almost nothing about clothes. -_-;; maybe i'll just stay home and use some of that money to treat meaghan to a real nice time when she comes to visit for otakon in august. that'd be fun ^__^ and at otakon i'll be able to see meaghan, jess, ian, nick, and emily, too. and i'll be able to show off my (currently 80% done) music video ^__^ dan's coming by tomorrow with his dvds so we all can finish it. ^_^ and meaghan says that she could probably be persuaded to make a logo for me to use... *thinks* how to persuade her, or what can i offer to her to make me look all shoujo-y and dramatic...? ^_^;; *wiggles in his chair* oroooooooo... my back really hurts… ;__;

i don’t have great posture to begin with, and all this sitting and working on my music vid probably doesn’t help either. our chairs that i’m using at my computer in the den aren’t great for computing (but they’re high enough ^^;;

maybe i’l see if i can bring my desk upstairs and put my computer stuff on that.. right now it’s all on a dresser we have sitting in the den. so my legs don’t even go underneath the damn thing. 😛

even when i lie in bed, my back still hurts. ouchums… ;___; i no like…

GRRRR… i’m going to SMASH my mp3 program! what a time for it to play a song that just goes “it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter…” as i type this whole thing over again. screw you, mr. soundjam. this does matter… to me, anyway. 😛

what a way to start the day… journal-eating keyboard keys, movie quotes, money situations, physical pain, and now an mp3 player that’s mocking me. 😛

yeah, yeah, i know that i could have just changed the mp3. i’m lazy like that, ok? -_-;;

fuck all that. maybe should just spend the entire day in bed. 😛

and i’m not one to usually go around cussing, either. -_-;;

anyway… hopefully these are the only bad things that’ll spoil my day. if not, monday, may 28 is going to be wishing that it could have just been cut out of the calendar with an x-acto knife when i’m through with it. 😛