… but my friiiiiiiiiends just call me "oed"!

i’ve got to go find myself a job downtown either tomorrow or the day after… i should probably go and type up my resume beforehand. if i don’t go looking for a job tomorrow, then i’ll have to go and wash the kitchen floor instead – maybe i’ll do that and work on my resume for job-searching on tuesday. hmm… but then i might miss out on some of the blue angel practice… grr… ^^;;;

at church this morning there were these two kids right in front of us… i tell ya, it’s hard to get your worship on when you’ve got two escapees from the monkey cage at the local zoo climbing over everything. sheesh… if i had kids that acted that way, i’d probably lose them by accident on a trip to the zoo, not being able to tell which was the simian and which was the sapien. ^^;;

watched some gangster-comedies on tcm tonight… “some like it hot”, and “the whole town’s talking”. both were really really funny, and i recommend them both ^__^

sometimes on turner classic movies they have these little movie shorts called “one reel wonders”… one was really hilarious – it had “wotaphony newsreels”, and a little short movie called “a bird in the hand (is worth two from the audience)”, which i thought were pretty clever puns ^_^ i wish that i had it on tape, it was really really funny… ah, well… ^^;;

meaghan posted the awards for her continuity contest… here’s one, and here’s the other… i think i figured out how she knows what i look like in a bunnygirl outfit… ^^;;;

me: i’m still wondering how you would know what i look like in a bunnygirl outfit… ~_^

meaghan: hee hee

meaghan: what, you don’t remember that time??

me: you must have slipped something into my vanilla mr. pibb! O_o

meaghan: actually, it was just the vanilla pibb!

me: and then when you woke me up later that night, that vanilla pibb caused me to not remember a thing! o_o;;

meaghan: yep ^_^

don’t i feel stupid now? ^^;; me, with my spy class, and i’m drugged and seduced into bunnygirl outfits… ^^;; shame on me for letting my guard down… who knows what classified secrets i let slip from my lips? ^^;;;

yay for annoying fanboys who message you online about porn watching and masturbation. 😛 what remedies the situation is the special button that aim has that is labeled “block”. ~_^

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  1. A bird in the hand….

    My favourite “bird in the hand” pun is the one that Alfred Hitchcock made on the set of “The Birds”, when Jessica Tandy gets surrounded by sparrows bursting out of the fireplace.

    JESSICA: “Hitch, what do I do if one of these birds flies up my skirt?”

    HITCH: “Grab it quickly! A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush!”

    OK, so it’s RUUUUUUDE… Teehee.

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