arrrgh, part deux

i started writing this, and when researching a link for this post i went on an advertising-window-closing-spree…

note to self: the livejournal update window is not an advertisement! >_<;; anyways... lemme see if i can remember what i was writing... i wanted to get myself some milk so i could properly eat my cookies. since i'm starting to move out of here tomorrow morning, i didn't want to go and get some milk from the store for only one day, so i decided to head to the vending machine to get myself some "hershey's chocolate drink". not "hershey's chocolate milk", mind you, this is "hershey's chocolate drink"... i suppose it's just chocolate milk minus the milk... *shrug* anyways, so i push the button to get my "hershey's chocolate drink", and apparently our vending machine considers something that comes in glass bottles with "hershey's chocolate drink" written clearly on the lable to really come in plastic bottles that say "nestea iced tea" -_-;; *jumps up and down on the people who stock the vending machines* i think that the people that they have fill the vending machines here on campus have the cognitive abilities of a rock. how hard can it be to put the bottle that is clearly labled "hershey's chocolate drink" in the slot that says "here is where bottles which are clearly labled 'hershey's chocolate drink' go"? and this is nothing new, either... all year long the vending machines have acted this way. dan would sometimes go to get diet cokes to drink, and i'd end up having to drink the mellow-yellows that the machine would spit out at him. grrr... anyways... moving out tomorrow morning at 8 am! here's an interesting tidbit for ya... i'm glenn fitzpatrick and i help out with neobaka, and there are not one, but TWO other fitzpatricks that do webcomics! and, of these two other fitzpatricks, not one, but BOTH are named brad fitzpatrick! here’s one, and here’s the other… and, to top it off, the guy who basically IS livejournal is brad fitzpatrick too!

huh… and i seem to be the only glenn fitzpatrick. at least, the only glenn fitzpatrick who spells his first name correctly, unlike those lazy bums who spell it “glen” ~_^