"and now here i stand, lost in a memory… i see your face and smile…" *sniffle*

*sniffle* i love this song… it’s so pretty, but so sad… ;_;

woo! got my music video even more done than it had been before! ^__^

so, if all goes to plan (i get it finished, pop in the logo that megs is gonna make, postmarked, and mailed out by june 15), then it’ll be showing at otakon 2001! yay! ^__________^

it looks really great, if i don’t mind saying so myself. *^_^*

now, off to bed to go to the temp agency tomorrow. really. i’m really going. tomorrow. i’m not kidding. i will go to the temp agency tomorrow. got my resume all printed up, got my social security card, got a ride there, so i’m all set! ^__^

*feels sheepish at being wished luck on finding a job for what, the 3rd time or so?* ^^;;;

but, if i can find a job, then my comiccon chances increase! ^_^ yay!

and whenever the latest neobaka comic gets up (along with the rest of keenspace), give it a look-see, and then you’ll want to give me a hug. trust me on this. ~_^