a sob story

odd thing happened last night when i went to bed – i started crying.

dunno why. it wasn’t like a *sob sob* cry or anything like that… tears just started flowing. i felt it was a really dumb thing to do for no reason – at least, i couldn’t think of a good reason go be crying. and i felt totally in control, too. why should i be crying? in any case, even though i felt i was in control, it wouldn’t stop.

the thing that still puzzles me is the fact that tears were only coming out of my left eye. and there wasn’t anything in it that would warrant my eye tearing to cleanse it and remove any foreign object.

it freaked me out, i can tell you that.

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  1. I find when if I stay up especially late or am overtired my eyes will start leaking. It’s not emotional crying, it’s just my eyes getting watery. If I’m lying on my side, reading, then one eye will start getting teary and get the pillow wet. I have no idea if it’s similar to what happened to you, but I don’t imagine it’s anything to panic over.

    Of course, if this happens to you in the middle of the day, perhaps during a job interview or something, then there might be cause for concern. ^_^

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