it’s 2:14 pm

i’m sitting here in my pajamas

woke up just under an hour ago

i still haven’t had anything to eat yet.

woo! ^_^

i don’t know if i’ll be able to go to the temp agency today. mom had to go off to work and won’t be back until about 4 or so. she said that stu and i could probably go over there and take the bus. only problem is that i don’t think i have money for bus fare, and they also need two forms of identification (one of which must be your social-secuirty card). i’ve got my drivers licence (but no car – can’t drive there! ^^;;), but don’t know where my family keeps my social-security card. hmph.

oh, well! ^_^;;

hmm… now for an important question… should i have breakfast foods since i just woke up, or have lunch since it’s the afternoon? @_@