no blue angels flyover today – too bad weatherwise, i suppose… ;_;

and i was so looking forward to getting some good footage of them zooming over my house ;__;

watched the president give the commencement speech on tv, though. local events channel on cable. stu and i agree that if johnny carson were still doing the tonight show, he’d be able to do a pretty good impersonation of dubya.

stu: “yeah, he’d just have to do his carnac impression without his hat… and trip over stuff too…”

*both of us facepalm and start laughing*

called the temp agency today – they say to come in on monday to talk to them. coolness.

stu and i worked on my evangelion music video some more today – got a lot done ^_^ gotta finish it before june 15, ‘cos that’s when it has to be postmarked. ^^;; i’ll have to get at least one of dan’s dvds from him, ‘cos i know of at least one scene that i need to rip off of his dvd for my video…

just had a big storm here. ended about 10 minutes ago. so since i had to go and unplug the computer (noooo! ~_^) during it, i helped my sister bake brownies. yummy! ^_^

hmm… i should probably find some new icons to rotate to… i’m getting a bit tired of these ones. and when you’ve got the free account with three icons total (and one of those fits your username perfectly, so you’ve only got two icons to switch around), you have to run them through some sort of rotation or something. yeah.