44 hours 38 minutes 'til i arrive in atlanta! ^__^

less than two days until i get to see megs! ^___^

hmmm…. all sorts of people want me to go to comiccon in san diego in july… i doubt i’d be able to go… hmm…. need to work over the summer… that idea probably wouldn’t float over with my parents…


but still, it would be neat to go… i’d have to stay with people at a hotel there to keep the cost down… damonk jumped really high on my cool-people list when he put his head together with mine to think of possible lodging ideas ^_^ he figured that since megs and shelby and aeire and all these other girls were filling up a room so much that they decided to split up into two different rooms that perhaps i might be able to stay in one of those rooms (since i’ve stayed the night at randolph-macon before), and he bets that floorspace could be reserved in his overcrowded room in case of emergencies or something…

and lots of people want me to go, too… hmm… *contemplates going* ^^;;

and if i went, then not only would i be able to meet lots of webcomic artists in real life, but also real comic artists, too! ^_^


hey… my family wants to use our frequent flyer miles to go to arizona or california sometime…


hey if my family is reading this: let’s go visit *koff* san diego *koff* this summer! in late july! july 19-22 to be exact! how about it? umm…. i hear they’ve got a good zoo there! i… uh… really really really want to see that, uh… zoo, yeah… ^___^;;

*doubts that argument would work, but it’s the best he could do*


  1. I just thought I should let you know, Glenn – that arguement WILL work. I used it. “Hey, mom. Dad. Hows about we go to San Diego this summer, eh? Huh? Good idea, ain’t it? Yeah!”

    • Hmmm… will that actually work?

      I’ll go try it

      *wanders off*

      *laughter is heard in the distance*

      *comes back*

      Well, my parents thought it was funny. That’s why if I go to the Con, it’s complete selfreliance… and flying… ’cause over 2000 miles is too far to drive… but 100,000 miles is NOT too far to walk.

      This made no sense

    • Re: Hmmm… will that actually work?

      but 100,000 miles is NOT too far to walk.

      only if you have a twin brother and you open your mouth wide enough to shove small children down it to sing.

      yes, that made sense. but… not really…

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